Garage door maintenance is equally as critical as automobile maintenance. Your garage door, like the engine in your automobile, is made up of multiple moving elements that work together to lift and lower your garage door securely and effectively. Preventative maintenance guarantees that your garage door continues to operate according to manufacturer specifications, lowering the chance of failure and subsequent repair costs. Regular preventative maintenance is also essential to keep your 10-year Total Confidence Warranty in good working order. We suggest maintaining your garage door once every twelve months for the first year and every 2 years after that. The following items are included in a regular garage door and opener servicing that takes thirty minutes:

• Lubrication of important moving elements, such as chain drives, tracks, wheels, and cable drums. This guarantees that your door operates silently and smoothly.

• Strengthening door bolts, screws, wires, and connections, as well as door mounting points. Providing door and track integrity, as well as reducing failure caused by parts moving apart or away from their attaching connections.

• Spring tension is adjusted to prevent ‘spring fatigue' or excess pressure on the opening, which reduces the chance of failure over time.

• Tuning of the opener's travel limitations and force margin to ensure that the door opens and closes as specified without causing harm to the door or the opener.

• Safety elements and attachments, such as safety beams, Auto-Lock, and Safe Lock, are assessed and adjusted (if installed) Assessment of the door orientation and analysis of the causes of irregular functioning. Any major problems may necessitate extra repair work, which will be charged individually.

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